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Why Caml

Computer Vision | AI | ML

Deep Learning Analytics

Customizable, plug and play, Computer Vision platform that can integrate with any cameras
to provide real-time spatial, behavior, and cognitive analytics with actionable insights.

Spatial Analytics

Monitor activities across multiple zones within a given camera
or across overlapping zones across multiple cameras.
Get real time location based insights of your premises,
be it a small office building or large manufacturing facility.

Crowd Density

Measures the density of people in areas/zones of buildings and generates real-time alerts based on user-defined rules. It can not only detect the current number of people in an area, but can also track the entry and exits and provide insights on people movement.

Multi camera person Identification

The reidentification problem is about matching objects in general, and faces in particular, across multiple but possibly disjoint fields of view for the purpose of sequential authentication over space and time.

Use Cases
  • Monitoring flow of people and goods in a buildings like schools, offices, retail malls, manufacturing facilities, warehouses etc.
  • Track unique footfalls in shops and restaurants

Behavior Analytics

Analyze the behaviour and actions of individuals in real time and
take immdediate actions for better customer engagement.

Spatial Analytics

Detect and analyze unique actions relevant to your domain. Get answers to things like: Does the shopper in Aisle 5 looking for help? Is worker no. 42 lifting the pacakages in a safe manner? Are all the mandated steps followed by the workers in the assembly line?

Pose detection

Real-time detection of human body poses to identify injury-prone actions, individual work performance, etc.

Use Cases
  • Shop floor analytics for retail to get better brand impression and product placement insights
  • Patient comfort and monitoring for hospitals
  • Monitoring assembly lines for manufacturing
  • Worker safety and performance monitoring

Cognitive Analytics

Deeper and richer insights from physical spaces like retail stores and public places
to online interactive mediums like zoom etc.

Lip sync detection

Identify sync issues between the audio and video channels in mediums like zoom etc. for lip sync and proxy interview detection.

Facial recognition with sentiment analysis

Identify and authorize individuals based on their facial biometrics. Analyze the facial expressions for mood and sentiment detection.

Use Cases
  • Virtual Proctoring (Monitoring of online Interviews and Examinations)
  • Sentiment and mood analysis of shoppers, patients etc. for retail, office and public places


Deep Learning (CNN), Multi-Object Tracking, Pose Estimation, Nvidia Deepstream, Cuda-GPU, Python, Tensorflow, TensorRT, PyTorch, Real-time Dashboards, KAFKA, Grafana, ReactJS, and Proprietary Models.

Architecture Use Cases

Computer Vision | ML | AI
  • Real-Time Identification & Tracking
  • Gear & Feature Detection
  • Crowd and Density Analytics​
  • Facial Recognition​
  • Office / Warehouse / School Analytics
  • Shop / Production Floor Analytics​
  • Deployment - Hybrid Cloud

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